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The Things About Insanity in Debate That Are Hard To Grasp Absent Spending Time in It

Going All the Way to Crazy Town

There Is Lots of Stuff Much More Important Than Everything in the Culture War

An Open Letter to Most Critics of Effective Altruism

Against Desert Part 4: Better to be Worse

Against Desert Part 3: No Systematization

An Important Announcement

There's Lots of Low-Hanging Fruit

Against History of Philosophy

Against Eating Happy Animals

A Brief Summary of What Goes on in Each of the Animal Agriculture Industries

Two Pieces of Advice About How to Remember Things

We Should Obviously Genetically Engineer People to be Smarter

Utilitarians Should Stop Dropping the Ball

Modal Realism Undermines Induction

Against Desert Part 2: Moral Luck


My Chat With Richard Chappell

We've Created Hell. It's Called Factory Farming.

Against Desert Part 1: Temporal Scrambling

Degrees of Freedom and Jargon

Ritchie is Wrong About Social Media and Mental Health

If Interventionists Are Such Sophisticated Realists, Why Are They Consistently Wrong?

The National Debate Tournament as a Case Study of College Woke Debate Insanity

Jails Should Serve Only Vegan Food

I Show That Factory Farming is Literally Torture

Deontological Norms are Unimportant

If Qualitative Hedonism is Coherent Then It Is False

Quining Qualitative Hedonism

Some Arguments For Sentientism

Another Article About the Debate Community Dropped

I have a new substack--check it out!

Factory Farming Is Not Just Bad: It’s the Worst Thing Ever

The Unspeakable Things We're Doing to Yemen

Against Attacking Mexico

Hare's Clever Argument For Completeness

A Proof of Utilitarianism and An Argument For Weak Pareto

The Orthogonality Thesis is Not Obviously True

Deducing a Radical Utilitarian Conclusion From Very Plausible Axioms

Suitcases, Deontology, and Wishing Well to All

Quining Quine: On the Historicity of Quine

Two More Pieces of Serious Scholarship Bolster the Case Against Deontology

Chomsky Takes a Strong Stand Against Factory Farming

What we did to Afghanistan in the 80s

The Ideal Observer Argument for Consequentialism

A Proof of Utilitarianism

I’m Chatting With Johan Gustafsson Tomorrow. Do Any of You Have Any Things You’d Like Me to Ask Him?

A New Utterly Decisive Argument Against the Person Affecting View

Why Are There So Few Utilitarians

Wokeness Is Real and a Significant Problem, Not Just Something That People With Too Much Time on Their Hands Are Concerned About

Mimicking Friedman's Writing Style

The Monstrous Implications of Prioritarianism

Argumentation Ethics Is Stupendously Idiotic, so Much So That Anyone Who Believes It Is either 13, Afflicted by Severe Libertarian Motivated Reasoning, or Unable to Reason

Funny Debate I Had

A Simple Money Pump for Some Limited Version of Independence, as Well as Another Argument for It

Moderate Deontology Requires Thinking That the Fact That Some Action Causes Other People to Do Wrong Things Sometimes Counts in Favor of It

Debate with Truth Teller Part 4: Reply to Truth-Teller's Reply to me

Who Cares if Utilitarianism is Self-Effacing

Offset if You Eat Meat

Is It Good When More People Are Endangered by Trolleys?

Takeaways from EA Global

Nathan Robinson’s Primary Argument Against AI Risk Is That It Sounds Like Science Fiction, Which Is Not, in Fact, a Good Reason to Dismiss AI Risk

A Series of Suitcase(s) Against Deontology

A Very Sincere Apology

I’ll Be at Eag in Northern California--Hit Me up if You’d Like to Chat

Contra Wollen on Organ Harvesting

Debate with Truth Teller Part 3: Reply to Truth-Teller's Reply to Me

Tomas Bogardus Plays Chess With a Pigeon

For When We Suffer, We Suffer As Equals

vita post vectes

A Limited PSR As Applied to Modality

Takeaways From the First Section of The Trolley Problems

Another Day, Another Counterexample to Deontology

Debate with Truth Teller Part 2: Reply to Truth-Teller

Two New Arguments Against Physicalism

I have a solution to psychophysical harmony

Debate with Truth-Teller Part 1: My Opening Statement Arguing Against Deontology

I wrote an article in my school's conservative paper about the wrongness of eating meat

Deontic Constraints Aren't Best Thought of as Time Relative

You’re Not Entitled to Talk About Entitlement

Bizarre Misinformation About Bioethicist's Proposal

Slightly Against Scout Mindset

The Smartest Person on the Internet is Often Egregiously Wrong

A Poem About Pushpin vs Poetry

Two Objections to Moderate Deontology That I Don't Think Succeed

Wrong to Do and Prevent: A New Problem for Deontology

If you're hurt by something a stranger said on the internet, you've never faced real oppression

“No Injuries Were Reported” in Fire That Caused 100,000 Deaths

A Useful Distinction: Card-Carrying Effective Altruists Versus Philosophical Effective Altruists

Rollins' Reckless Slander

Why a Bunch of Solutions to Huemer's Paradox of Deontology's More Threatening Twin Fail

Brief Reply to Deiseach About Factory Farms

AI Shows Liberals Hate Racial Slurs More Than Murder

Huemer's Paradox of Deontology's More Threatening Twin

Parody Socratic Dialogue

Opposition to Artificial Wombs is Obviously Status Quo Bias

Why I'm Not Pro-Choice

Huemer's Objection to Compatibilism Does Not Succeed

List of Jokes and Bad Puns

Organ Harvesting Isn't Different From Switch Flipping

Bentham's Bulldog Turns One

The Causal Inefficacy Objection is Provably Wrong

A Vegan World Would Reduce Global Hunger

Podcast Version of May the Factory Farms Burn

Replying to Jacobin’s Hitpiece About Effective Altruism, That Mentions Me by Name

We Should Expect Our Intuitions to Misfire in Cases Where Heuristics Fail

Debunking Half a Dozen Ridiculous Anti-Vegan Talking Points

The Suffering Focused Utilitarians Are Mostly Right

Michael Huemer Should be a Utilitarian

Here's My Chat With Huemer

Hitler Safe For Jews, New York Times "Well-Informed Sources" Report

Questions for Huemer

Contra Holly on Pedophilia

Podcast Version of Published Defenses of Eating Meat Fail: Part 2

Against Walking

Published Defenses of Eating Meat Fail: Part 2

How to Deal With Thought Experiment Deniers

Hordes of Vultures Descend on Bostrom

Replying to a Pretty Good Reddit Thread Objecting to Utilitarianism

Doing Good and Bad

How to write a bad article about any movement ever

The Discussion of Meat Should be Mostly About Factory Farms

Let's Chat

Five Problems for Deontology

A Real Spectrum From Torture to Dust Specks

Why Not Read Old Articles?

An Intuition Pump, But Not A Proof

The Parable of the Bloodthirsty Gods

Erik Hoel's Mistaken Criticism of Effective Altruism