Who am I?

I’m an undergraduate studying philosophy, with opinions on many things. If you like my essays, please share them! It helps more people find them.

What’s this about?

Utilitarianism, effective altruism, our mistreatment of animals, foreign policy, and everything else I feel like talking about. My blog has many high-profile endorsements:



“Better even than Michael Huemer’s books.”


“The best of all possible blogs.”


“Really a beautiful thing like frankly not a lot of other things and people—many people—are saying great things about it, and I don’t get credit for it and that’s okay, I never do.”


“Carrying false endorsements which, for legal reasons, must be stated.”

—Some random lawyer.

Which of your essays should I read first?

Here are, in my opinion, my top 11 articles.

  1. May The Factory Farms Burn

  2. Going All the Way to Crazy Town

  3. Factory Farming Is Not Just Bad: It’s the Worst Thing Ever

  4. The Smartest Person on the Internet is Often Egregiously Wrong

  5. There Is Lots of Stuff Much More Important Than Everything in the Culture War

  6. If Interventionists Are Such Sophisticated Realists, Why Are They Consistently Wrong?

  7. Against Attacking Mexico

  8. Five Problems for Deontology

  9. The Ultimate Argument Against Deontology And For Utilitarianism

  10. Moral realism is true

  11. A Crisis of Faithlessness

Where does the logo come from?

It comes from Bob Jacobs and it is the utilitarian flag.

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