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A Defense of the Term Minor Attracted Person and Destigmatization of Non-Offending Pedophiles

Some Blogs You Should Read

Published Defenses of Eating Meat Fail: Part 1

We Act Like Psychopaths

The U.S. Has a Horrible, Murderous, Ineffective Foreign Policy

Many Things That Sound Racist or Transphobic Aren't

Anti-Burkean Progressivism at the Margins

No Actions Are Good

The Economic and Moral Case for You Giving Me Money

An Objection to This Whole Supererogation and Obligation Business

Why I'm An Atheist Despite Psychophysical Harmony

I Debated Block About Lots of Things

Contra Block on Animals: Part 2

Contra Block on Animals: Part 1

Phenomenal Conservatism vs Words That Sound Like They Go Together: More Reflections on Competitive Debate

I’d Like for Well-Respected Members of the Debate Community to Stop Tweeting Doctored Screenshots, False Allegations of Fascism, Pedophilia, and Racism, and to Stop Making Fun of the Way That I Look

The Debate Community Is an Insane Cesspool of Madness and Vitriol

I Made A Post on LessWrong

Against The War on Terror

You Don’t Have to Call Yourself an Effective Altruist or Fraternize With Effective Altruists or Support Longtermism, Just Please, for the Love of God, Help the Global Poor

Contra Caplan on Animals

The Ones on Our Plates Part 2

Something funny

The Forgotten Trillions

A Note on Cows

The Idiots That Sneer at Vegans

The Ones On Our Plates

Tell Me the Difference Between Bestiality and Eating Animals

The World's Most Dangerous Population Ethics

Politics is a battle of who you love and who annoys you

Thank You Reader!

The Foolishness of the Crowds

Deontological Prisoners Dilemmas

The Case Against the Case Against Consequentialism Reconsidered

The Case for Immigration

Consequentialism only Justifies Good Things

Go Read About a New, Devastating Paradox of Deontology

Chomsky's Foot In Mouth Moment About Utilitarianism

The Pro-life View in Conjunction With the Thesis That Replacement Is Bad Is Implausible

Against Achievements

My Blog From 8th Grade

The Chicago School of Philosophy

The Zombie Impairment Argument

A Modest Abortion Proposal

Reading Aloud Contra Huemer on Utilitarianism

Mattering vs Mattering to Me

Utilitarianism Wins Outright Part 44: The Replacement Argument

My School Paper Didn’t Want to Publish This Article, so I Decided to Publish It Here

Defending My Article Defending the Pro-life View Even Though I’m Pro-choice

Contra Eliasen on Totalism

Steelmanning the Pro-Life View

Philosophical Zombie Hunter is Wrong About Utilitarianism

Let's Get Rid of the Word Eugenics

20 Minutes of Writing

Retributivism and Pareto Optimality

Contra Andersen on Longtermism

Utilitarianism Is Better Than Near Utilitarian Alternatives

Hedonism and Objective List Theory May be Climbing the Mountain from Two Sides

When Factory Farm Representatives Squirm

Another Paradox of Deontology

A Religious Conservative Case for (Mostly) Veganism

Parodying the Way Various People Talk and Write

Why a Hedonist Might Not Plug Into the Experience Machine

Why the Experience Machine is Evidence for Hedonism

We Treat Pets Mostly Fine

All the Reasons to Be a Virtue Ethicist

There’s Nothing That Could Convince Me of Theism

Don't Mind the Gap

Maybe We Are Just Receptacles of Value

Digital Minds Matter Too

Epistemic Pluralism

Utilitarianism Wins Outright Part 43: Replying to the Deceived Businessman Objection to Hedonism

Presenting Chapter 6 of My Book in Progress

A New and Arguably Better Way of Doing Things

An Open Letter To Tree Huggers

Contra Kriegel on Hedonism

Sounding Like An Anti-Realist

Utilitarianism Wins Outright Part 42: The Symmetry Argument For Hedonism

Contra Bush on Moral Fetishism

Utilitarianism Wins Outright Part 41: Well-Being From the Shoulders of Giants

Am I A Moral Fetishist?

Getting Morality Wrong

William Lane Craig Confusedly Argues for the Eternal Torture of Jews, Atheists, Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, and Buddhists

Michael Egnor: Snarky, Arrogant, Confused, and Full of Errors

The Objective List Just Got A Whole Lot Longer

Acts Aren't Fundamental


Milk Pours Are A Very, Very Poor Idea

Heads I Win, Tails Anti-Realism Is True

Utilitarianism Wins Outright Part 40: Non-consequentialists Think You Should Do Bad Things

Utilitarianism Wins Outright Part 39: Sadistic Pleasure Is Good Actually!

Why The Hell Are So Many Arguments Against Effective Altruism Incoherent Rambles Filled Only With Emotionally Tainted Words, Snark, and Air Quotes

A Problem For Moral Naturalism

How It Could Have Turned Out

I Really Don't Understand Type A Physicalists

Unspeakable Truths

Why You Shouldn't Be Very Confident About Politics

The Third Best Argument For God

The Anthropic Argument Against Being A Brain In A Vat

A Simpler Argument For Completeness

Kieran Setiya's Incorrect Moral Mathematics

The Case For Completeness

Defending My Moral Realism Article

Nathan Robinson's Idiotic Hit Piece About Effective Altruism

A Paradox for Some Views That Hold That Appreciating the Good Is Especially Good

The Agony Challenge For Objective List Theory

Utilitarianism Wins Outright Part 37: Killing Those With Negative Utility

My Up To Date Case for Hedonism

Moral Realism Is True

Selling Nonsense: How Émile Torres Misrepresents Longtermism

A Poem About Hell

When I Was Young and Full of Zeal

Lying About the Liars Paradox

Utilitarianism Wins Outright Part 36: The Golden Rule

On Conflation In Philosophy

Several More Philosophically Illiterate Morons Attack Peter Singer

Contra Diamond on Number of Legs

Steelmanning Particularism

Summarizing Sinhababu

One of My Articles That You Should Read

Contra DeBoer On Utilitarianism

Utilitarianism Wins Outright Part 35: An Argument For Consequentialism

All My Writings On Utilitarianism Part 2

A New Objection To Rights

I Can Speak Backward

Second Rebuttal For My Debate With Arjun Panickssery

Contra Chef Contra Me On Physicalism

Unfit For Normative Theorizing: Why Fitness Isn't The Sole Normative Primitive

First Rebuttal For My Debate With Arjun Panickssery

Attacking Argumentation Ethics

Responding to Ben Burgis, Responding to Me

Utilitarianism Is Not Like Libertarianism

Opening Statement For the Organ Harvesting Debate With Ben Burgis

Utilitarianism Wins Outright Part 34: Should You Kill One So You Don't Kill Five?

Don't Cancel Philosophers

Utilitarianism Wins Outright Part 33: Intellectual Property Rights

My Motivation For and Worry About Written Debates About Utilitarianism

Response to Coase’s Ghost’s Criticism of My Article on Particularism

My Naturalism About Some Moral Concepts

Something Deeply Funny

Opening Statement For My Debate With Arjun Panickssery

Notes on My Conversation With Aaron

I'll Be Doing A Written Debate With Arjun Panickssery

I got covid

Contra Bergman on Suffering Focused Ethics

Response to Jay M on Oysters

Utilitarianism Wins Outright Part 32: Be An Eternal Oyster

Utilitarianism Wins Outright Part 31: Stay In Omelas

Utilitarianism Wins Outright Part 30: The Trolley Problem

Grokking History's Most Appalling Doctrine

A Linkpost of Something Frightening

Utilitarianism Wins Outright Part 29: Clearing Up Confusion

Eliezer Yudkowsky Is Wrong About Zombies

What Is a Parent?

Against Dogmatic Physicalism

Utilitarianism Wins Outright Part 28: Responding To Objections

A Potent Objection To Desire Theory

I Made A Patreon

A Quick Account Of Why Temporal Discounting Makes No Sense

Contra Herok On MacAskill On Bentham On Homosexuality

Longtermism Is Correct Part 5

Against Ineffective Altruism

Longtermism Is Correct Part 4

Longtermism Is Correct Part 3

Longtermism Is Correct Part 2

Longtermism Is Correct Part 1

The Environmental Ethicists Are Worse Than The Stereotypes About Bioethicists

People Should Leave More Comments On This Blog

Bad Ideas Can Result In Infinite Misery

My Issue With The Way Lots Of Utilitarians Argue For Utilitarianism

Don't Forget The Victims Of al-Shifa

Transitivity Denial Is Crackpot Lunacy

Pushing The Guy Off The Bridge And Flipping The Switch Aren't Morally Different By More Than An Arbitrarily Small Finite Amount Of Utility

Utilitarianism Wins Outright Part 27

Utilitarianism Wins Outright Part 26

Lots Of Bad Things Are Like Drunk Driving

Defending The Utility Monster

Addressing A Bad Objection To Utilitarianism

Torres Is Wrong About Longtermism

A Bayesian Analysis Of When Utilitarianism Diverges From Our Intuitions

Feser's Five Failed Proofs

Feser's Five Failed Proofs

Feser's Five Failed Proofs

Feser's Five Failed Proofs

Feser's Five Failed Proofs

Caplan Is Wrong--You Should Happily Live Forever

All My Writings On Utilitarianism

My Tentative Solution To The Liar's Paradox

Here's A Debate You Should Watch About Utilitarianism

Ah Yes, Moral Anti-Realism Is Indeed Intuitive

Some Objections To Moral Particularism

Mencius Moldbug Is Not Not A Blithering Idiot

How Mr. Ungit Lost The Thread

A Compilation Of My Reply To Swinburne

Against Negative Utilitarianism

Nearly Everything Is Evidence For Atheism

Utilitarianism Wins Outright Part 25

Average Utilitarianism Is Insane

10 Theories Better Than The Resurrection

Utilitarianism Debate Part 4

Utilitarianism Debate Rebuttal Part 3

Utilitarianism Debate Rebuttal (Part 2)

My Opening Statement Arguing For Utilitarianism

An Epic Blog Post

I'll Be Doing A Written Debate About Utilitarianism

Faith in God Is Not the Only Coherent Basis for Reason

Egnor's Free Will Flop

Egnor Drops the Ball on Personal Identity Reductionism

Egnor Fails On The Multiverse, Accidentally Takes The Kalam Down With Him

Response to Egnor on Divine Hiddenness

Why Does William Lane Craig’s Brain Fall Out When He Talks About the Moral Argument?

No Canadian Catholic, Evil God Is Not a Failed Thought Experiment

Erik Wielenberg and How Richard Carrier Keeps Missing the Point of Grounding Morality

Utilitarianism Wins Outright Part 24: Another Other Tricky Issue for Other Accounts

Utilitarianism Wins Outright Part 23: Another Other Tricky Issue for Other Accounts

Scott Alexander's Needless Doubts About Utilitarianism

A Rebuttal To Swinburn's The Existence Of God Part 4

Yes Effective Altruism Is Effective and Altruistic

A Rebuttal To Swinburn's The Existence Of God Part 3

A Rebuttal To Swinburn's The Existence Of God Part 2

A Rebuttal To Swinburn's The Existence Of God Part 1

The Unreasonable Ineffectiveness of the Argument From the Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics

Theron Pummer's Lopsided Lives Is One Of The Best Arguments For Hedonism

A Few Logical Problems Of Evil

Utilitarianism Wins Outright Part 22: Another Tricky Issue for Other Accounts

A Few Parody Ontological Arguments

William Lane Craig Fails to Address the Problem of Evil

How I would Rebut Craig's Opening Statement in a Debate

What My Opening Statement Would Be If I were Debating William Lane Craig

Utilitarianism Wins Outright Part 21: A Piece of Moral Data That Other Theories Can't Account For

Utilitarianism Wins Outright Part 20: Why Your Prior Should Be Higher

The Surprisingly Robust Case For Modal Realism

11 Brief Objections to Fine Tuning

McLatchie's Bayesless Argument From the Moral Arena

The Limited Efficacy of Rasmussen's Argument From Limits

Bailey and Rasmussen's Infinite Error

The No Best World Objection to the Problem of Evil Is Not the Best Objection in the World to the Problem of Evil

Theodicies About Free Will, Predictable Laws, and Souls Don't Work

Positing a Soul Will Not Defeat Arguments for Animal Liberation

God Has Not Revealed to Jonathan McLatchie a Solution to Divine Hiddenness

131 Arguments Against God

Some Notes on Some Articles Against the Historical Evidence for Jesus

11 Quick Objections to Skeptical Theism

Both the Basic Ontological Argument and the Modal Ontological Argument Don't Succeed

Another Deeply Terrible Article About Singer

Nathan Robinson Cannot be Trusted

A Tentative Solution To Infinite Ethics

Your Priest Will Not Solve the Trolley Problem

Utilitarianism Wins Outright Part 19: Cases, Cases, Cases

Evil -- The Facts That Need to be Explained

Responding to Some of Craig's arguments for theism

THIS Article Gives a Devastating Argument Against Egalitarianism

Another Failed Critique of Effective Altruism

Its third component

Effective Altruism is good

Hsiao's defense of animal cruelty fails

Responding to dumb articles about veganism part 1

May The Factory Farms Burn

Utility Monster in the water

Some hedonist intuitions

Amusing musings

My current philosophical views on most things

Ayn Rand was off the rails

What's wrong with Kant's formula of universal law

Another problem with deontology

Huemer's paradox of weak deontology is devastating

Is extreme deontology problematically impotent?

Is moderate deontology problematically explosive?

My attack ad on deontology

Effective altruism is good actually

We should do something about the thousands of children dying daily

A book review of after virtue

Utilitarianism wins outright part 18

Utilitarianism wins outright part 17

Utilitarianism wins outright part 16

Utilitarianism wins outright part 15

Utilitarianism wins outright part 14

Bentham's bulldog stands with Kershnar

Utilitarianism wins outright part 13

Utilitarianism wins outright part 12

Utilitarianism wins outright part 11

Utilitarianism wins outright part 10

Utilitarianism wins outright part 9

Utilitarianism wins outright part 8

Utilitarianism wins outright part 7

Utilitarianism wins outright part 6

Utilitarianism wins outright part 5

Utilitarianism wins outright part 4

Utilitarianism wins outright part 3

Utilitarianism wins outright part 2

Utilitarianism wins outright part 1

Theists as advocates of hitting oneself with a baseball bat

Coherentism, Dutch Books, and Inadequate Data

Contra Huemer on utilitarianism part 10 Conclusions

Contra Huemer on utilitarianism part 9

Contra Huemer on Utilitarianism Part 8

Contra Huemer on utilitarianism part 6

Contra Huemer on utilitarianism part 5 (Alternatively, a post to get out of being forced to be an electrician during a sports game)

Contra Huemer on utilitarianism part 4 (alternatively, a post to get me out of jury duty)

Contra Huemer on utilitarianism part 3

Contra Huemer on utilitarianism part 2

Contra Huemer on Utilitarianism Part 1

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